Tulip Garden Opening dates For 2018

Tulip garden Opening Dates announced & it is from 25th March 2018.

Tulip Garden to be thrown open for public on March 25

Minister for Disaster Management, Relief Rehabilitation & Reconstruction and Floriculture, Javaid Mustafa Mir today visited Tulip Garden here to take stock of arrangements being made for the upcoming Tulip festival.

On the occasion, Director Floriculture Mathoora Masoom informed the Minister that the Department has planted 12.25 lakh tulip bulbs spread over 200 kanals this year.

The minister was also informed that extension of Tulip Garden has been undertaken by way of growing other plants like Hyacinths, Daffodils, Narcissus and other ornamental plants. In this season, 40,000 Hyacinth tulip bulbs are planted in a separate terrace and further fresh plantation is in full swing.

It was given out that in order to beautify the landscape, additional green spaces are being created to attract more visitors to Asia’s largest Tulip garden overlooking the world-famous Dal Lake.

Giving details, she said during the upcoming festival which will be thrown open for public on 25th March would witness decorated kiosks and stalls will showcase handicrafts and cuisine of the Valley with traditional, ethnic touch. Director Floriculture said as the tulips are highly sensitive to adverse climate and during winter, a team of experts and officers of Floriculture department regularly monitored their growth.

For the facility of foreign visitors, the department would provide free Wi-Fi services inside the premises.
The minister was accompanied by director Floriculture Kashmir, Mathoora Masoom, deputy director Floriculture Nazir Ahmad, dloriculture officer Sheikh Shabir, floriculture officer Srinagar Naseer Hussaini, AFOs and other officials of the Department.