Lidder River

Lidder River is an important river in Kashmir valley of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a 73 km long river that originates from the Kolahoi Glacier at an elevation of 4653 meters and runs through an alpine meadow Lidderwat.

It is the second major tributary of Jhelum River, Sind River being the first one. Lidder River meets Jhelum in Gurnar Khanabal village at a height of 1615 meters from sea level. The important tourist destination Pahalgam forms the central Lidder Valley as the river cover 30 km area in this tourist place. The color of the water of the river is crystal blue and looks extremely gorgeous. It adds to the beauty of Pahalgam and Aru Valley. This is the river which is best suited for river rafting and trout fishing activities. Adventurous tourists visit the place not only to indulge in these activities but also to feast their eyes with the unparalleled beauty of the



Lidder River

is what makes Pahalgam so alluring. The

Lidder river

has two main tributaries — Lidder East (flowing from Sheshnag Lake) and Lidder West (from Kolahoi Glacier). The two streams tumble down the mountains and come together in a relatively flat and broad stretch right next to the town proper. There are mountains all around but just about enough space for the main street to run along the river for a bit, and for visitors to stretch their legs next to the streams, and even wet their feet in the snow melt. Walking near the river bank is a rejuvenating experience; take a stroll around and chuck a few pebbles into the river at the < Lidder View Park, right in the centre of town. During season, and on holidays, the riverside in the town can see hectic activity, with groups and families and couples in picnic mode.

For a different riverside experience, you can walk along Lidder East, past the golf course into Laripora Village. The Lidder East divides into two streams for a short stretch here; part of the village is on an island between the two streams. You will find hens and children bathing in the river, women washing clothes and ponies quenching their thirst.


Lidder Amusement Park

This park is around 2 km from the taxi stand, on the road to Aru, adjoining the Lidder West. It’s been controversial for not fitting into the Himalayan backdrop, but nevertheless, the 9-odd rides have become quite popular with the locals — don’t be surprised to see families from as far away as Srinagar come by on day trips. Across the road, the river offers great picnic and camping options right next to the flowing water.