This lake is situated 13 km from Gulmarg, which is even beyond Khilanmarg, at the foot of the twin Apharwat peaks of Nun and Kun. The lake stays frozen during winters with striking scenic views.

Alpather Lake

Frozen Lake, located beyond Aparwath, remains completely frozen until mid-June. Triangular in shape, the lake lies at the foot of the twin 4,511 m Apharwat peaks. Located 13 km away from Gulmarg, the lake has a backdrop of scenic hilly snow-capped terrains. The adventure tourists can take the one-day and thirteen km trip to the Alpather Lake from Gulmarg.

Swiftly flowing at the foot of Alpather Mountain, the Alpather Lake is away from the populace of the city of flowers. The frozen months of the lake hit the senses of the man at the sight of the brutality and stability of nature. The frozenness represents the stoic side of life. Amidst the gliding air, environs and life of Gulmarg, the lake signifies the need for passivity in the crisis enveloped area of Kashmir. The glistening rays carve a spectrum of myriad colors with drops of frozen water in the lake manifesting the colorful and blissful soul in the frozenness of the lake.

Nature of Alpather Lake:

The Lake is frozen till the middle of the June, beyond its substantial static months of frozenness; small flecks of ice along with clear water are visible floating on the surface of the lake. The chilled lumps of ice swings on the layer of blue transparent water, which reaches the city with the whiff of freshness and purity of Himalayas. This is a small meadow having beautiful blue lake on its summit is frozen and offers excellent skating ground.

Location of The Lake:

The Lake is a suitable ride on the mountainous pony from the city. Pony track over the 3,810 m Apharwat ridge and up the valley to the lake at 3,843m comprises the trekking path for reaching the site. The steep slope can be trekked by the lovers of trekking and hiking, the rough and under developed soil of the land in the open and vast chain of endless hills and conical peaks is a paradise walk for people who relish nature walks.

The lake can be reached by enjoying the bounties of green Himalayas on a horse, which is easily available in the market of Gulmarg. Professional riders can hire a horse and ride through the woods, whereas tourists are supplied with guides for safety. The up and down path can be passed through by honeymooners to experience the exoticism of romance lingering in the town of Gulmarg.

A Mesmerizing Picture for Artists:

Painters can capture in their sharpness of imagination, the changing hues of the frozen lake in the canvas. The playfulness of sunrays and the prism of ice lumps on the watery surface which entraps the spectator which if captured with the eye of camera can be developed into a promising photograph of nature at its zenith.

The lake is suitable for the shooting of Indian Cinema as every pore of the ambience around oozes out romance and love in the surrounding. The whiff of flowers in the spring time from the plain of Khilanmarg refreshes the reminiscences of the unification of nature and mankind in the primordial state of evolution.

A meditative site, the lake bears spiritual and religious sentiments along with the picaresque tendencies attached with it. The emergence of a stream from the Alpather Mountain collapsing into a lake makes the most sought out cascade in the region for the traffic of tourists in the region, the Ningli Nallah. The Nallah quadruples the charm evoked out of the solidity of the lake in contrast with the gentle flow of the cascade.

A visit to lake is best advised for the resurrection of mind and soul from the ruins of this overcrowded earth.